New Website: Artistic Excavation

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Glad we were finally able to work with Artistic Excavation on their new website. They’ve been so busy with excavation jobs that their website wasn’t the number one priority. Good things take time.

New Website: Dr. Nina Svino

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Another successful conversion of a static website over to WordPress. Always so enjoyable when a client is elated they can make their own updates to their website!

Why Update to the Latest Version of WordPress

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We often get asked why a WordPress site should be updated to the latest version of WordPress. And when we use the term “WordPress” here we are referring to the three components of a WordPress installation: the core (WordPress itself), … Continued

File Types Cheat Sheet

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Kudos to the folks over at for making a “File Types Cheat Sheet”. With so many file types out there, and different applications for each, it is nice to have a go-to source for explaining the differences. View the … Continued

New Website: Winners Sportswear

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It is very rewarding when we are able to help out a client by giving them more control over their website, like with Winners Sportswear. We converted their older ecommerce-focused website over to the WordPress platform. The WordPress platform will … Continued

New Website and Logo: Love You More DeSign

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So wonderful to get to work with Carina on another project, this time her own venture into small business — Love You More DeSign. Good luck, Carina, with your new design business and so glad we could help you with … Continued

New Website: Skagit Habitat for Humanity

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Ah, launch date for the new Skagit Habitat for Humanity website. After months of working with staff and third party consultants we completed the migration of the Skagit Habitat website over to WordPress. Previously they were using static .html pages. … Continued

New Website: Jansen Art Center

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Artists helping artists. That’s a good way to describe the work being done by Jansen Art Center in Lynden. After making a connection at a local coffee shop, we worth with the team at Jansen Art Center to build a … Continued

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