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In Response to Responsive Design

One of the current buzzwords in website design in “responsive”. In a nutshell, a responsive website is one that adjust automatically to the viewer’s browser view area size. So if they are on a desktop, or tablet or mobile device they have a similar website experience.

Here are some juicy parts of an article by Kerry Butters I read this morning:

  • “Whilst responsive design has its problems, much like any relatively new technology or technique, it’s still worth choosing to build a site in this way. Nobody wants to go backwards and while it may be easier to build a mobile website, it’s much better to be as innovative as possible.”
  • “Googles advice is to use responsive design as the best way to design for mobile.”
  • “As mobile users may share a page with someone using a desktop…this should deliver the same content.”

Imagine Design Studio builds client websites using responsive design as much as possible. A great thing about WordPress is it makes doing so very easy.

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