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File Types Cheat Sheet

Kudos to the folks over at for making a “File Types Cheat Sheet”. With so many file types out there, and different applications for each, it is nice to have a go-to source for explaining the differences. View the entire post on

Categories, Tags and Your WordPress Blog

It is a fairly common question we get asked, “What is the difference between categories and tags in blog entries?” One key thing to know right off the bat is using categories AND tags correctly can increase your Search Engine Optimization. Not only that, they can also lengthen the amount of time people send on … Read more

Why Everyone Should Have a Blog

Came across this interesting article about why everyone should have a blog. We often have existing and potential clients who either been told they should have a blog or who are wondering if they should have a blog. Of course the biggest reason we give them for “blogging” is so they have a higher chance … Read more

Why Be on Google+?

One question we get asked often is about whether a business should be using Google+, and if so, how much and how often. We’ve read many articles on the topic, and this one does a great job summarizing many of the benefits, including: – Google is the most popular search engine in the world – … Read more

Know Your Web Traffic Sources

I was reading an article this morning about setting and realizing social media goals. There were four keys listed, all or which are important steps. The third step explains why it is important to know where your web traffic comes from.  When you know where your traffic is coming from you better use the time you … Read more

Increase Facebook Engagement with Fans

It’s one thing to get people to your Facebook page, but in order to keep them there and to keep them coming back AND sharing with their friends, you need to keep them engaged. This will increase your Facebook likes, shares and comments. Here is a good article about how to accomplish just that. There … Read more

Instagram for Business?

I must confess it is hard to keep up with social media. So many different opportunities to connect with your clients. Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. Google+. Tumblr. And on and on. The goals of every business are different and so their needs and uses of social media vary. And now Instagram wants to be used for … Read more

Why have a blog?

It is a great way to communicate with your customers/audience. For Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It creates fresh content and additional pages on content on your website. It help drive traffic to your website.

Domain Registration

Did you know that search engines favor domain names (website addresses) that are not set to expire this year. Having your domain name registered for a few years shows commitment.