Imagine Design Studio


We are frequently asked, “what do all the web terms mean?” and “how do they all fit together?”  Interestingly, using a house analogy has been very helpful for our clients.

First, we have all the stuff that goes into a house, like furniture (content, specifically static content), pets & people (content, specifically active content). Then we have the house, itself (website or site). Of course, a house is built on a piece of land (web hosting or just hosting).  Finally, you need a street address (domain name or just domain) so that the house can be found in this huge world (world wide web usually abbreviated www).

If you want a more technical explanation, we have that, too.

Working together, Imagine Design Studio will help you determine the content to include on your custom website that we design and build. We then assist you in keeping that content current and fresh (by maintaining your content, training you to maintain your content, or some combination in between). We also provide web hosting and can register and maintain your domain names using our preferred vendor or yours.