Imagine Design Studio

Test Videos

Scroll down to see various 4, 5 or 6 columns.

[aiovg_videos template=”popup” limit=”20″ columns=”4″ show_duration=”0″ show_category=”0″]

[aiovg_videos template=”popup” limit=”25″ columns=”5″ show_duration=”0″ show_category=”0″]

[aiovg_videos template=”popup” limit=”24″ columns=”6″ show_category=”0″ show_duration=”0″]

A shortcode can also pull a specific category. Below is pulling just the “Lean” category.

[aiovg_videos template=”popup” category=”72″ limit=”20″ columns=”5″ show_category=”0″ show_duration=”0″]

Can also show a hierarchical list of categories with video counts.

[aiovg_categories template=”list”]

Seach box is also available. Can have category dropdown hidden or visible.

[aiovg_search_form category=”1″]