Imagine Design Studio


My gratitude for Keith’s service was immediate when I was faced with needing to quickly find a new host company. Keith was responsive, thorough with the information I needed to know in order to move forward, and extremely patient with me and my lack of understanding of all things technical. Keith’s talents within design and web hosting are supported by his service-minded approach, product integrity, and ability to provide solutions. I am confident that Imagine Design Studio is taking care of me and my business and now actually look forward to making regular updates to my site because I am in such good hands.

Jen Rucier

We were somewhat dreading the process of branding and website creation for our new firm. At every turn, Imagine Design Studio proved to be the right choice for us. Keith offered top-notch support with both design and content. He was amazingly fast, responsive, a pleasure to work with, and things were done right the first time. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Babcock

The design and training to use our website could not have gone smoother. Keith was always very prompt in giving us updates on the progress of the project. As well as he was very informative and always willing to give suggestions to make the project a success!

Joel McGee

Great people to work with! Imagine Design Studio made transforming our website into a breeze. They were very helpful in answering any and all questions I had, and even trained me to be able to maintain the website myself! Highly recommended!

Connor Neal

I really appreciated working with Keith to design a website for my small business. I had tried building a website myself and while easy to begin with, the more I learned, the more that I understood what I did not know! It became clear to me that I needed help. Keith listened to me and after I chose the template he was able to put together a website that was attractive and mobile-friendly very quickly. Keeping the budget low was a key concern for me and Keith was able to be very efficient and get the process done in a speedy, professional way.

Summer Ostlund

Working with Keith, Imagine Design Studio, was and continues to be an outstanding experience. Launching our new website with Keith’s design ideas, services and recommendations has been a seamless experience.

Debbie Hunt

Keith gets the top award for patience when working alongside a technophobe like me! His unflappability and humor were exactly what I needed when learning the ropes of editing my site, adding photos, etc. I came through the experience having learned so much! I highly recommend Keith for his expertise, work ethic, great suggestions, artistic eye and kindness.

Laura Widman

Lot sales the last few years have been disappointing. We needed to develop a new marketing plan. I gathered information which would provide the basis for a marketing plan and met with Keith. Our new marketing plan includes the website, signage and a brochure. The website, with a priority Google location, includes specific information on 14 of our 50 lots. Each lot description has a link to the County map and Google Earth.

Keith’s creativity and promptness made our marketing plan possible. We are now ready to show a potential purchaser our scenic, affordable homesites located 35 minutes from Albuquerque.

Harry Shearton

Keith was awesome. The website turned out way better than I had hoped, and he has been awesome about helping to tweak it as we improve it bit by bit. I appreciated how quickly he made changes, and responded to questions.


Imagine Design is competent in both technicalities and aesthetics of web design. In addition, it is a pleasure to work with them.

Chuck Kingsford Smith

Thank you, as always, for the fantastic job with my website, Keith and Lori. You guys are wonderful!

Lisa Ahmari

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Imagine Design Studio for the wonderful work you have done on our website, We have received rave reviews from our clients and our average user ‘time on site’ has increased by 15%. Thank you for being open to share your knowledge with us and helping our website be the best it can be!

George Brewer

Working with Keith on my website was a pleasure from start to finish. He understood immediately exactly what I wanted, gave me great suggestions, and I’m really happy with the result. The ongoing maintenance of the site has been seamless, as well. I highly recommend Imagine Design, and I look forward to working with them again.

Leigh Mcdiarmid

Keith was great to work with. I am not a creative person so it was wonderful to have him to help with that side of getting my business started. I am very happy with my website and logo!

Peg Keough

Keith was very helpful in putting together a basic website quickly, working within my budget, and making it look beautiful. Sometimes I just look at my website because the colors are so cheerful. Thank you, Keith.

Mary Walby

Thanks for the help Keith and understanding even the simple things we needed!!

Jeff Curtis

We approached Imagine Design Studio because we were referred by a friend. Imagine DS helped us through every step of the process. As a result of their attention to detail together we created a website that is clean and easy to navigate. One thing I really appreciate is how quickly Keith responds to all of my questions. Overall our experience was very pleasant and I would recommend Imagine DS to anyone who needed assistance with any web services.

Rachel Anderson

Patience and persistence. That’s what I needed to get my website off the ground and that’s what Keith provided. He gave me ideas to ponder and then implemented what I asked in a timely manner. I really appreciated how he was able to take my ideas and create a website that is functional and informative. Thank you!

Susan Fuller

Updating a website to a new, fresher look can be a daunting task. Thanks to Keith at Imagine Design Studio, the process went smoothly and he was not only patient during the delays of getting new content to him, but was an excellent and patient teacher as we took ownership of the new site. The site turned out to be well received by the leadership of Skagit Habitat and is working well. I would strongly recommend Keith for work with your website!

Polli Turner

Thank you Keith and Lori for all of the website updates you have provided for me. I am so happy with the changes, the new look and with the ease of use.

Julie Clarke

I appreciated your attention to detail and patience through the design process of our website. As a busy (and not too “techy”) business owner, you made this process relatively painless and I now hava website that I can use and add to, with relative ease! Thank you again to both of you for your help in launching our website, and we look forward to working together more in the future.

Christa Warren

I have worked with Imagine Design for many years now and have always been completely grateful for the wonderful and creative work they do. Not to mention how pleasant and kind they are to work with. Thank you for all your wonderful work.

Joan Scheibel

Our congregation worked with Imagine DS to design both a new logo and a new website for our church. Keith and Lori were incredibly personable and reliable to work with. They spent intentional time really getting to know who we were so that our identity was reflected in what the public would see. The result was fabulous! We are proud of how we are known by our logo and website, and we have Imagine DS to thank!

Rev. Jana Schofield

As a neighborhood pastor, I recognize that a website is more than a source of information, it is a way of relating to people. That’s why Keith and Lori have been such a joy to work with. Not only ae they professionals of their craft, they made the process of design and content development custom fit to our church. I have very little technical savvy and almost no web design experience so my highest praise for Keith and Lori is the way they patiently held my hand throughout the entire process and continue to help when we have even the most rudimentary questions. On top of that, they taught me how to make changes to our web page on my own which helps to keep our content current and dynamic.

Chris Eltrich

Imagine Design was great to work with! They listened to my ideas, suggested others, have not simply created my website and then left me in the lurch. As I’ve made changes and hit a wall, they’ve been there to help me out. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with them. (Kate Vale is the author Dream Chaser, Family Bonds, and Package Deal.)

Kate Vale

We run a fairly specialized business in Seattle, offering high-end scenic and dinner cruises on a classic boat for small private groups. We had a sort of home made website that a friend had helped us put together that just was not cutting it anymore, and had been looking for some professional help. The long and short of it is, we had talked with quite a few other website designers, but for one reason or another we had just not clicked. When we did finally run into Keith and Lori, and talked about our needs, they not only seemed to get our vision, but had some great ideas and suggestions along the way. Once the project began, they both stayed in close touch, keeping us up on the site development, and helping us learn how to provide them with the things they needed like pictures and copy. At first we worked mostly with Keith. He was easy and friendly, full of ideas, and never seemed to mind my one more small change here or there. I say small, but really had no idea of what it might have taken to change a back ground, or a boarder etc. Once Keith was bringing the bulk of the design to a close, he handed us over to Lori, and I felt the transition was flawless. She was right on top of everything, new what Keith had been doing, and seemed to know all about our project. Even today, I know that they are just an email click away, if we need to add or delete something, or make a major change. From all of us at Enchantress Cruises, we really appreciate the beautiful website they created for us. Thank you both.

Enchantress Cruises

We have been working with Keith and Lori at ImagineDS for over 10 years. The website is crucial for the WWU Children’s Literature Conference because it is offers the first impression of our conference. We provide updates, conference registration, and ongoing information through our online communications. We need a site that provides just the right balance of professionalism and pure enthusiasm. With ImagineDS, and the personal attention of Keith and Lori, we have a site that can be navigated by all our attendees. A couple of years back, Keith encouraged us to add some additional functionality to the site. This was the best advice ever! We can now interact with our attendees in new ways. We have only the highest praise for this amazing company.

Sylvia Tag

As a highly specialized practice in pediatric dentistry, it is imperative for us to have an attractive and interactive website for the parents to navigate and gather information. We are extremely lucky to have found Lori and Keith to handle all of our web needs. They were instrumental in the early development of the website. They listened to our ideas and were able to convey our vision to the webpage that is fun and informative. I can not say enough good things about their customer service, knowledge, and professionalism. What sets Imagine DS apart from others is their dedication to excellence. They understand the scope of our practice and take time to guide us to design a website that is not only to look good, but also build with great practicality and funcationality. Lori spent even more time on the phone teaching us about WordPress and how to make changes on the website. We have many compliments about our website from patients and colleagues. Keith and Lori were terrific throughout the entire process, and more importantly, they made it FUN and stress-free!!

Chris Chen, D.D.S.

With Imagine Design Studio, the client gets the best of both worlds…Keith with his incredible creative and technical design talents, and Lori with her technical and teaching expertise! We highly recommend them both. From our initial meeting, to the original site as well as to the ongoing revisions a vibrant website needs, Imagine DS has been a pleasure to work with. Big thumbs up!

Holly Harris

We had a very positive experience with you. During design and development, you provided a good balance of flexibility to work within our design and expertise to ensure that we had a cohesive usable website. Also, we find the CMS editor to be an extremely useful tool. It is user-friendly and gives us the ability to make quick changes to the website. Throughout the process, all of you were professional, diligent and a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Mark A Lackey, Attorney At Law

Keith & Lori are always accessible if I need help working on our website. They courteously & promptly answer questions and return calls, making sure everything is understood before finishing the call. Other businesses that I have referred are also satisfied with their web product and services. I am pleased to recommend imagineDS to anyone seeking web, branding & graphic services.

Carol Brumet

Imagine Design Studio manages our property websites and the results are always fantastic! It’s always a pleasure working with Keith as he is friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, and talented. His services are always worth it, and we would recommend him and Imagine Design Studio to any business owner without hesitation.

Randy Sears

Our club has been working with Imagine Design Studio for a couple of years. Keith and Lori are top notch when it comes to design, ideas and implementation. They listen and understand the demands of our business. They designed our new website to meet the needs of members and new member acquisition. At one of our recent fitness conferences, our website was used as an example of design, optimization and content. Needless to say this made our owner very happy. In our business we have demands that need immediate attention on the website, Keith and Lori are quick to make the changes we need on the fly. During inclement winter days Lori would check in with me early in the morning and post any schedule changes required for the club. By understanding our business, they are able to make suggestions and changes to manage our website this has improved traffic and overall quality. imagineDS is consistently reviewing & adjusting our website for maximum optimization. Thank you Keith and Lori for your work in making the club successful.

Bo Wilde, Marketing Manager