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New Website and Logo: Love You More DeSign

So wonderful to get to work with Carina on another project, this time her own venture into small business — Love You More DeSign. Good luck, Carina, with your new design business and so glad we could help you with a new logo and website!

New Website: Skagit Habitat for Humanity

Ah, launch date for the new Skagit Habitat for Humanity website. After months of working with staff and third party consultants we completed the migration of the Skagit Habitat website over to WordPress. Previously they were using static .html pages. By getting the site over to the WordPress platform were able to make future updates … Read more

New Website: Jansen Art Center

Artists helping artists. That’s a good way to describe the work being done by Jansen Art Center in Lynden. After making a connection at a local coffee shop, we worth with the team at Jansen Art Center to build a new and improved website to reach the artists in all of us. “The J” offer … Read more

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Mobile site or a mobile app? There are pros and cons to consider when looking at building a mobile app in comparison to a mobile website. While every website should have a mobile version, there are still times when building a mobile app would have substantial benefits. This article by Scott Bolinger of AppPresser (which … Read more

New Website: Knitted Knockers

What an incredible story and what a wonderful job Barb DeMorest is doing with Knitted Knockers. Once we heard her story we wanted to be a part of her making a difference in the lives of so many women around the world. We were asked to create a logo, business cards, banners, signs and a website … Read more

New Website: All Season Spraying

Gordy Vlas of All Season Spraying has been helping us keep our trees and lawn healthy for years. When he was finally ready for a website he gave us a call. Glad to help Gordy. If you need spraying call Gordy. He does an awesome job!

New Website: Keough Associates

Finally wrapped up a WordPress migration and redesign of the Keough Associates website. We converted the website to WordPress and kept the design elements Bill wanted, while adding some new design pieces for him.

Categories, Tags and Your WordPress Blog

It is a fairly common question we get asked, “What is the difference between categories and tags in blog entries?” One key thing to know right off the bat is using categories AND tags correctly can increase your Search Engine Optimization. Not only that, they can also lengthen the amount of time people send on … Read more

Why Everyone Should Have a Blog

Came across this interesting article about why everyone should have a blog. We often have existing and potential clients who either been told they should have a blog or who are wondering if they should have a blog. Of course the biggest reason we give them for “blogging” is so they have a higher chance … Read more

Updated Website: Jansma Design

While most of the time we get to make a new site from scratch, we also work with clients such as Jansma Design to take an existing site and make it work better for them. AND we get to learn about the good work our clients do…like Lyle over at Jansma Design. AMAZING photographer.