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Instagram for Business?

I must confess it is hard to keep up with social media. So many different opportunities to connect with your clients. Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. Google+. Tumblr. And on and on. The goals of every business are different and so their needs and uses of social media vary. And now Instagram wants to be used for … Read more

Two Days, Two New Websites

In two days we’ve launched two new websites. One was a brand new website for Sheila King LMP. It is always exciting to work with a new client and create a new website where one did not exist before. The second site was a WordPress conversion for a long time client, Coleman Tape Specialties. This … Read more

Welcome Back Birchwood Presbyterian Church

Birchwood Presbyterian Church is a long time client. We developed a site for them a number of years ago using an older content management system. Then about two years ago we converted that site to WordPress, and trained their staff how to make modifications to the theme and site content. Now they have asked us … Read more

In Response to Responsive Design

One of the current buzzwords in website design in “responsive”. In a nutshell, a responsive website is one that adjust automatically to the viewer’s browser view area size. So if they are on a desktop, or tablet or mobile device they have a similar website experience. Here are some juicy parts of an article by … Read more

New Client Website

This past weekend we launched a new client website, Precision Endodontics, which was a conversion to WordPress. It is so refreshing to get clients excited about the possibilities WordPress gives their websites, and its ease of use. This project also different because the client came to us with an existing design they wanted to keep. We do not always … Read more

Now Live: Winners Sportswear

Winners Sportswear had a website that was a challenge to maintain and update because it was static HTML. We worked with Tony and Gordon to convert their site over to OpenCart, an open-source shopping cart. We even brought over their previous layout as much as possible. Now they can easily add products and update pages … Read more

Old Client, New Name – El Buen Pastor Fund

We are privileged to be able to continue to assist organizations such as the El Buen Pastor Fund (formery Casa de Hogar). The mission of the El Buen Pastor Fund is to aid children residing in an orphanage in Mexico to obtain a better standard of living, provide educational opportunities, assist in providing dental and … Read more

WordPress Popularity Continues to Grow

The other day we found ourselves reading some of the stats regarding WordPress. Imagine Design Studio uses WordPress as our preferred website content management system (CMS). There are 69,834,714 WordPress sites in the world. According to WordPress, 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress. Wow! Those numbers easily … Read more

Why have a blog?

It is a great way to communicate with your customers/audience. For Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It creates fresh content and additional pages on content on your website. It help drive traffic to your website.